Articles for Game Masters

by Neal F. Litherland

If you’ve ever read Tolkien’s work, you’re probably familiar with the old complaint that he’ll spend half a page on how green the grass is, or provide the history for a dozen generations of trees as the Fellowship walks past them on the road. A lot of game masters will attempt to duplicate that style and feeling, believing it will make their games more immersive.

I can tell you this right now… it won’t. 

by Neal F. Litherland

As a game master it is very easy to get caught up in the power of creation. The intoxicating feeling of knowing that everything in the world bows to your whims and desires is a rush you can’t get from any other hobby. What a lot of us forget is that tabletop RPGs aren’t a solo endeavor; you’re all here to have fun together.

Which is why it’s a good idea to sit your players down and talk to them about what kind of game they want to play before you get too deep into game prep.