The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering

I believe that you should be able to go from absolute beginner to running your first tabletop RPG adventure in no time.

The problem is that many who become interested in running the game get stuck. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the topic, and no shortage of conflicting opinions.

This guide will solve the feeling of being overwhelmed with a set of clear, concise, and dependable steps that anyone can follow to run their first game. You should read it if you are interested in quickly running your first game, with no fuss, and no confusion.

It will NOT include everything there is to know on the topic of Game Mastering – others have already delivered that in great detail. This guide is not for the apprentice GM looking to improve their craft. However, it will include a carefully curated list of links for those ready for the next steps.

The guide is currently under development. It takes a surprising amount of time and effort to boil a topic down to core essentials. You can subscribe at the website today to be notified as soon as it is ready.

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