Crash The System: A rules-lite cyberpunk RPG

I worked with the talented illustrator @GunmetalDraws to create this small RPG.

Crash The System is a rules-lite cyberpunk RPG designed for one-shots or short campaigns. It is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper.

Get the game today on for whatever price you deem worthy (including free).

Update: High Shelf Gaming ran a liveplay of Crash The System on their Twitch channel. Watch them play it here.

Game description

It's 20XX, and as a member of the society liberation organization R4PT0R, you need to shake things up in true cyberpunk style! Assume a role like: a Dangerous Street Samurai, a Hard-Boiled investigator, an Analytical Hacker, or whatever high-tech and rebellious character you can think of.  

Assemble your crew and take on dangerous AI, corrupt corporations, vicious gangs, and more.

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Crash The System: A rules-lite cyberpunk RPG