Building Here Be Taverns: Version 2

Building Here Be Taverns: Version 2

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by Neal F. Litherland

If you’ve ever read Tolkien’s work, you’re probably familiar with the old complaint that he’ll spend half a page on how green the grass is, or provide the history for a dozen generations of trees as the Fellowship walks past them on the road. A lot of game masters will attempt to duplicate that style and feeling, believing it will make their games more immersive.

I can tell you this right now… it won’t. 

by Alice Liddell
A common mistake that new DMs make is boxing their players into a corner. In one of my early game experiences, I was playing with a group of friends and a first time DM. Our entire party died during our second session. This was due to an unstoppable army of baddies, low level characters, and an “infinite health zone” that none of the players knew about. 

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by Adam Waselnuk

Here Be Taverns is a random generator for RPG inspiration. I originally built it in 2015. It was my first side project. Since then, the project has remained untouched...

Until now.

I've learned a few things about building great web apps since 2015. I've also been diving deeper into what Game Masters are looking for in a random generator. It's time to bring that knowledge to bear and launch a superior Version 2 of Here Be Taverns.