Here Be Taverns 2 is now live!

I am happy to announce the official launch of Here Be Taverns: Version 2, the first major update since 2015.

You can try the generators today at

Here Be Taverns is a collection of random generators designed for busy Game Masters.

This new version was redesigned from the ground up to focus on simplicity, visual appeal, and quality content. It aims to give GMs and World Builders the quick inspiration they need in a streamlined interface.

Attractive visual layout and art makes the generators especially well suited to showing off on streams.

Key features include:

  • 5 generators: Taverns, Characters, Items, Plot Hooks, and Landmarks
  • Curated content from great RPG content creators
  • The ability to save anything in a collection so you don’t lose stuff when re-rolling.
  • Nested generators for quick reference. For example, you can quickly see the characters in a tavern.

To ensure great content, we got help from some of the best creators in RPGs.

A heartfelt thanks to The Griffon’s Saddlebag, 2-Minute Tabletop, Watabou, Icarus Games, LoreCraft, and DM Heroes.

You inspired so much.

This article was written by Adam Waselnuk on .

Adam has a life-long love of fantasy and gaming. He is the founder of Sword & Source.

Here Be Taverns 2 is now live!