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One Homebrew. One Highlight. One Hack. Once a month.

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  • One Homebrew. A creation meant to inspire your next game, or plug right into an encounter. Expect things like monsters, random tables, magic items, and esoteric lore.
  • One Highlight. The TTRPG community is full of creative makers and interesting products. I come across tons of them that deserve more attention, so I'll highlight one in each newsletter.
  • One Hack. My work at LegendKeeper teaches me a lot about how to create stuff on the internet and spread the word about it. I'll include one short lesson learned in each newsletter. It could cover anything from design, to code, to marketing, to business.

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For example, I sent my newsletter subscribers a code for 50% off Here Be Taverns on Black Friday and I'll be doing another big sale in the Spring.

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